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The Auxiliary to Arbutus Volunteer Fire Department was formed in July, 1997. We have held steady with approximately 20 members for almost 7 years. Although we are a small group of men and women, we have accomplished a lot with the help and support of our department.

As we look back over the past years and all of the accomplishments we achieved, we want to thank the officers and committee chairpersons who served in the AVFDA.

We look forward to what we can accomplish in the future. We want to build on the foundations we have laid in the last six years and improve the annual events making them more profitable. We will continue to search for ways to entice more families within the department to get involved.

We look forward to the challenges laid before us of being an integral part of this departments disaster plan, adding more profitable fund raisers to our calendar, and reach out to more families in the community in regards to safety education.

To all the Heroes of AVFD, you inspire us and challenge us to serve you and the community to the best of our ability. Thank You for the bravery you exhibit, the sacrifices you make, every day, not only for us but also for the entire community. We are proud to stand beside you!